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Photographic study of Myddfai by Claire Meredith.

(February 16, 2011)

Photographic study of Myddfai

by Claire Meredith

 Myddfai is a village near Llandovery (Llanymddyfri in Welsh), in Carmarthenshire. It is nestled  in dramatic scenery, between rolling hills, winding lanes and farming landscapes populated by livestock, and framed by lush trees. Famed as the base of the celebrated 'Physicians of Myddfai', mentioned in thirteenth century Red Book of Herges (which also contained the Mabinogion), their dynasty lasted over 500 years. No surprise then, that the area has an evocative, otherwordly and mystical feel.

Cymru Culture recently visited this beautiful area, giving us the opportunity to make a photographic study of this lovely and evocative part of Carmarthenshire.

Mud 1
One of the main streets of Myddfai


Mud 2
A derelict, yet beautiful outbuilding


Mud 3
Derelict outbuilding


Mud 4
Agriculture still plays an important part in the local community


Mud 5
Stunning building on the outskirts of the village


Mud 6
Even dilapidated buildings have a certain beauty about them


Mud 7
Chopped logs ready for the fire


Mud 8
One of two graveyards in Myddfai, this one Chuch in Wales, the other chapel


Mud 9
The ancient Church graveyard



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