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Statement jewellery by Caregos Couture

(September 01, 2010)

Statement pieces from Caregos Couture

Caregos July 10

The popularity of statement necklaces (and bibs) does not seem to have abated for a number of seasons now, (bursting  on the scene in the Autumn/Winter 08 season). Designs become bigger and bolder each season. Style icon, Olivia Palermo (co-star of The City) has recently designed a collection of statement bibs, which she can often be seen wearing to key society and fashion events. All the major fashion houses (espcially Lanvin, who have recently shown a stunning collection of statement necklaces using snake motifs), and the high street (Warehouse recently featured pieces with an African tribal theme) all feature statement necklaces, and other statement jewellery pieces, prominently in their new seasons collections.

Of particular note are the burnished metal pieces, which lend a certain shabby chic to any outfit and pieces which incorporate ribbon, feathers, corsages and heirloom pieces such as vintage pins and brooches. Common themes for statement necklaces are twisted (vintage inspired) rows of pearls inter-weaved with strings of rhinestones and crystals, necklaces which have copious lengths of chains hanging from them  in asyemtric designs and multi-strand necklaces using hundreds of faceted glass beads.

Statement necklaces are exactly that; designed for impact and they are not subtle. Some pieces can seem too daunting even for the bravest fashionista. |However, the key to wearing these pieces is to just wear one statement piece. It's important that the look is not overloaded with the addition of earrings and or bracelets ... one piece will suffice.

The best way to showcase a statement piece is with a simple but chic outfit. Classic combinations are the 'little black dress' (for evening) or plain quality knitwear for daywear/work wear - cashmere sweaters or fine knits. The muted hues of the Autumn/Winter season (think camels and rusts) go well with the heirloom inspired pieces in particular, which make use of rich faceted jewels and burnished metal finishes.

Also, the easiest way to change a sophisticated work-wear outfit (muted tones such as this seasons beautiful camel) into a glam evening look is to add a statement piece. To make this look most effective, I would suggest adding a gold-plated piece, as this lends a very Gucci-esque feel to any outfit. If your wearing a black or dark workwear outfit, I would suggest one of the hierloom inspired-pieces (close to the neck) or something with burnished silvers and tarnished-blacks using velvet ribbons (Chanel showed a beautiful  collar-inspired piece using white and black in their Spring/Summer 09 collection with a black outfit), fitted jackets work especially well with long pieces; the fluidity of the jewellery is a nice contrast to the structured jacket.

So, you need a statement piece of jewellery ...

Below are the newest creations of jewellery courturier Caregos Couture for the Autumn/Winter 2010 season.

This first piece (Elements of Green) is made using gold plated wire, on which over 300 Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pearls, all in complimentary peridots, emeralds and green opals, are intertwined. The piece took approximately 12 hours to make and all the crystals and pearls were hand-placed by the designer.


Green Wire Choker 1
Elements of Green, gold plated choker/bib


Green Wire Choker 2
Elements of Green

detail of the wire work used to form the piece's structure

This piece is truly couture, as only one has been produced - no two pieces are ever the same. The individual placement of each crystal and pearl makes the piece truly unique.


Green Wire Choker 3
Elements of Green

 Caregos July 3Ice Princess, solid silver choker

This statement necklace is made using three different sized Swarovski crystal teardrop pendants, which are hung on different lengths of solid silver chains. By hanging the crystals on the chains, the piece has movement and is more comfortable, as the piece moves with the wearer rather than being static.

Comfort is an important consideration, as statement necklaces are, by their very nature, large and bold, which can sometimes result in heavy pieces. Ensuring that the piece moves with the wearer makes for a more comfortable piece.
The original Ice Princess necklaces (there are two) are owned by Siân Lloyd (the ITV weather and S4C presenter) and by Andrea Benfield (ITV Wales presenter) respectively, and are slightly different to this new hybrid. The two previous necklaces used thinner chains on which to suspend the crystals and used complimentary colours of teals and blues.

Caregos July 1Ice Princess solid silver choker (detail)
Close up image of the stunning Swarovski crystals used in the design. Crystals used measure 38mm, 26mm and 16mm respectively. The choker is solid sterling silver.
Another statement piece, also using the twisted wire technique. This vibrant choker made using a vintage rhinestone brooch. A gold plated collar has been constructed either side, from which are suspended an assortment of richly coloured Swarovski crystals.
Fire Opal Choker 1
Vintage rhinestone and gold plated collar
Fire Opal Choker 2
Vintage rhinestone and gold plated collar (detail)
This is my favourite piece, at the moment, as it is totally unique and could not be replicated (unless another antique brooch of its kind could be found). The rich, bold colours used are very deliberate. My purpose being to bring a collection of rich colourways together to make a truly eye-catching piece.
Another statement piece, below, is made using the richly coloured Swarovski crystal called Copper. The central feature of this piece is the stunning (and huge) 50mm faceted pendant. Accompanied either side by graduated sized crystals in lengths of 38mm (in teardrop design also Swarovski Copper) and Swarovski Cosmic crystals in Jet.

Caregos July 10Copper Luxe Choker, all solid silver

Caregos July 11 'Copper Luxe Choker' (detail)
Interest is added to the piece by lengths of solid silver chain, on which additional Swarovski crystals are hung, in complimentary colours. Hanging crystals on the solid silver chains gives the piece great movement.

This next piece is inspired by Cleopatra style collars. The piece is made using yards of high quality gold plated chain, which are suspended at different lengths, gradually becoming longer. Hanging from each length of chain are a selection of the highest quality, faceted, glass beads in rich turquoise and blue opal finishes.

Caregos July 14
'Cleopatra Glass Choker' gold plated

Caregos July 15 'Cleopatra Glass Choker' (detail)
The next piece uses five differently coloured Swarovski crystal pearls (in grey, black and silver) and has a black velvet ribbon, accenting the right side of the piece. The velvet ribbon gives the piece a vintage feel, and the softness of the ribbon contrasts with the hard lines of the pearls. Also used are Swarovski 'opal' faceted crystals, in a range of colours that compliment those of the pearls. The piece is solid sterling silver and all the beads have been hand-placed by the designer.
Caregos July 12
'Shades of Grey' Swarovski 'pearl' choker, solid silver

Caregos July 13 'Shades of Grey' Swarovski 'pearl' choker (detail)
This is another statement necklace made using six differently coloured and sized Swarovski pearls, incorporating a vintage brooch in a asymmetrical design. Also used are gold plated chains and Swarovski faceted crystal rounds.

E Brooch ChokerAsymetric Swarovski 'pearl' and crystal necklace, gold plated

Caregos July 5
E Brooch Choker 2Asymetric Swarovski 'pearl' and crystal necklace (detail)
Caregos July 6Asymetric Swarovski 'pearl' and crystal necklace (detail)
Another new piece for the Autumn/Winter season - perfect accompanied by a little black dress. This dramatic gold plated choker is made using a vintage-style jet brooch, Swarovski teardrop pendants (in Swarovski 'Golden Shadow') and a selection of faceted Swarovski crystals and glass beads. The free-form use of the gold plated wire means that each piece it totally unique.

Twisted Wire 1Free-form twisted wire, Swarovski 'Golden Shaddow' and black brooch necklace

Twisted Wire 2
Free-form twisted wire, Swarovski 'Golden Shaddow' and black brooch becklace (detail)
Rich colours also feature heavily in the Autumn/Winter fashion house collections. Deep reds, bronzes and purples feature particularly prominently.
Below is a solid silver choker made using the beautifully rich deep purple Swarovski teardrop crystals, along with Swarovski 'Heliotrope' teardrop pendants and a selection of faceted Swarovski crystals in complimentary colours. The piece is accented with a purple velvet ribbon.

Purple Ribbon Choker
'Deep Purple' and 'Heliotrope' Swarovski crystal necklace

Purple Ribbon Choker 2
'Deep Purple' and 'Heliotrope' Swarovski crystal necklace (detail)
Another statement piece, this time using beautifully rich copper wire, is made using a huge 50mm Swarovski teardrop crystal, along with smaller crystals in the Swarovski 'Copper' colourway.
The free-form style of the choker means that this piece is totally unqiue.
Copper Choker 1
'Copper freeform' - Swarovski crystal 'Copper' and 'Jet' necklace
Copper Choker 2
Copper freeform - Swarovski crystal 'Copper' and 'Jet' necklace (detail)
Copper Choker 3
Copper freeform - Swarovski crystal 'Copper' and 'Jet' necklace (detail of 50mm Swarovski pendant)
Statement jewellery is not restricted to necklaces. Statement cuff bracelets remain popular, both on the catwalk and on the high street. Caregos Couture specialises in hand-made cuffs, using Swarovski crystals. Below are some of the most recent designs from Caregos Couture.
Cuff Bracelets (Group of 3)
Three Caregos Couture hand-made cuffs: Swarovski 'Fire Opal' colourway (left),  Swarovski 'rich gold' (centre) and four different shades of Swarovski reds (right)
Nothing sparkles more than the Swarovski crystal 'AB' range, and this amazing bracelet is made using five different sized Swarovski 'AB' crystals.
Cuff Bracelets AB Bracelet 1 
Caregos Couture, Swarovski crystal 'AB' hand-made cuff
Cuff Bracelets AB Bracelet 2
Caregos Couture, Swarovski crystal 'AB' hand-made cuff (detail)
This statement cuff is made using a selection of black, silver and clear Swarovski crystals in a random design.
Cuff Bracelets Black & Silver Cuff 1
Caregos Couture, Swarovski black, silver and clear crystal hand-made cuff
Cuff Bracelets Black & Silver 2
Caregos Couture, Swarovski black, silver and clear crystal hand-made cuff (detail)
Earrings are also becoming more and more dramatic and here are a few designs created recently by Caregos Couture:

Caregos July 7
Gold plated 'Creole' earrings:
made with a selection of complimentary Swarovski crystals, ranging in size from 4-8mm

Caregos July 8
Gold plated 'Creole' earrings (detail)
Another pair of recently designed statement earrings using the beautifully coloured 'Sand Opal' crystal range from Swarovski. For added interest gold plated feather pendants and lengths of gold plated chains are attached.

Caregos July 9
'Sand Opal' and feather earrings, gold plated
Claire Meredith, September 2010

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